What does the program look like?

The program will begin in January until April 2017 and will last 12 weeks. There are 12 sessions in total, one every week.

These sessions will be created by teachers and creative professionals. All the session will focus on three learning stages:

  • Discovery
  • Skill-Building
  • Producing

We target to shift away from the standard way of teaching only one subject, therefore the sessions will be conducted under one common theme that will embed the different subjects of mathematics, sciences and languages and will be instructed by the creative professional. By this, we are revolutionizing the classroom into a thematic learning experience that will empower the students to think, question, understand and create.


What themes are we focusing on?

There are three different themes for three different age groups.

  • Textile Program (Ages 6-7)
  • Furniture Design Program (Ages 8-9)
  • Application Development Program (Ages 10-11)

At the same time, all age groups will be taking part in a gardening program during the 12 weeks in addition to their separate program. This program aims at mixing art and science together as a way to teach students about plants, gardening and the art of design. The workshop is hands on and engaging in a way that participants will learn about nature in ways they will never get from books.

At IN•DIG•GO we believe that we can integrate a mixture of usual school subjects like mathematics, sciences and languages in a fun and innovative way that teaches children new practical skills. These programs will be both in Arabic and English to ensure that all students practice and learn with both languages.